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Sports Massage
30 mins
Sports Massage
60 mins
Assessment & Treatment £30 £45 £50
Follow up Treatment £30 £45 £45
Concessions for under 16’s & Full-time students £25 £40 £40

You are welcome to bring a chaperone with you to the first or any subsequent visits. Those under the age of 16 yrs are required to be accompanied by an adult. 

Pilates with Rachael Hollwey

One-to-one class £40

2 people per class £60

Core Conditioning with James Dewey

One-to-one class £40

2 people per class £60

Scaravelli Yoga with Tanya Clarke

Tanya is a senior yoga teacher, having been teaching yoga full time for nearly 10 years. She teaches Scaravelli inspired yoga, which works in harmony with the body . She teaches yoga in a way that promotes kinesthetic awareness,  ease of movement and efficient body use . She has a special understanding of how the body works and how the body is adapted to respond to its natural environment. Our busy and often stressful lifestyles and the way we commonly hold our bodies in set positions for hours (such as sitting at desks or in cars) makes us out of synch with that. Therefore, Tanya’s work helps to readdress the balance. Working in this way allows the practice to be suitable for all.

Tanya also has a PhD is psychology and is a qualified therapist. She also used to be a front line police officer in Aldershot. She has an ex- racing greyhound called Rosie who sometimes comes along to class (though she can stay at home too).

September Offers: 20% Discount

5 Sessions for couples £240

5 Sessions for Singles £200

Opening Hours

Flexible appointments available for a variety of times including mornings, lunchtimes, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays. Please email or call for more information and to book.



Sports Massage